What to Expect ~ Before, During, and After...

Permanent Makeup Facts and What to Expect

1. The Day After

When your new makeup is completed it will initially appear too dark. This is temporary. You are seeing pigment in both layers of your skin (epidermis and dermis). The top layer of your skin sheds and renews itself every few days and with this natural process the pigment in the top layer will peel off. This initial dark look will not last. Only the color in the dermis (second layer of skin) will be long-lasting. It is important for you to be patient and let your skin heal.

2. Be patient and allow nature to work for you.
Permanent makeup is a layering process of carefully implanting microscopic colors into the dermis. In cases of camouflaging scars and corrective makeup, the goal can only be achieved through repeated applications and refinements to the previous applications after healing. Some clients want MORE makeup rather than LESS. But it is better to apply LESS makeup than TOO MUCH. It's always easier to add than to remove afterwards. A rule of thumb is: eyebrows generally lose 30 percent of their original color application, eyeliner lose 10 percent of the original color, and lip liner/lip color lose 20 percent of the original color. Most of Chong's clients are very happy with their eyebrows and eyeliner after the first application. Some clients may need to have minor touchups. However, remember that a second application is typically necessary on lip procedures

3. Healing
For the first 2-3 days following eyebrows and eyeliner applications; and for the first 3-7 days following lip liner or lip color, you will have swelling, redness and tenderness in the area of your newly applied makeup. It is important to pamper your new makeup and keep a protective veil of petroleum jelly over the affected area. This prevents scab-formation and drying, which can lift out the newly implanted color. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen when outside.

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